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Richmond elementary students make fun boxes for families

Gauer elementary Grade 3 kids decided to make the boxes after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Students at Grauer elementary in Richmond have been making “family fun boxes” to donate to local families in need during the holidays.

The Early Act Club from the division four, Grade 3 class spent time in the fall, with the help of their Richmond Sunset Rotary sponsors, getting the boxes ready.

It all started when teacher Ms. Bawa read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl to the class.

In the book, Charlie Bucket and his family are very poor and, as a class, they talked about how there are families like Charlie Buckets’ here in Richmond.

The story inspired students to do something special for children like Charlie and the family fun boxes’ idea came up.

As a class, they brainstormed what activities they like to do with their families and came up with a list of things they wanted to include inside the boxes.

Each box included a board game, a deck of cards, a hot beverage (coffee/ hot chocolate), Jenga, a word search book, a paint set, popcorn, and chocolates, as well as a card for the families.

The purpose of making the boxes was for families to be able to play and spend time together during the holidays.

In the end, the class was able to donate 12 boxes with the help of the Richmond Sunset Rotary Club.