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Richmond-raised musician coming home from L.A. to shoot video

Richmond-based singer and songwriter Emilee Moore is now busy collecting 75 stuffed bunnies for the video.
Emilee Moore hopes her music could ease the pain of people who suffer from the broken heart.

L.A.-based singer and songwriter Emilee Moore will return to her hometown of Richmond to shoot a music video for her latest EP, which will be released this fall. 

And to make matters more interesting, Moore is busy collecting 75 stuffed bunnies for the video.

She told the Richmond News she has had a stuffed bunny at home from her childhood that offers her comfort to get through many years of heartbreaking or painful moments.

“We want to surround this EP (with this) symbol of a bunny being a comforting thing for me and also a reflection (of) myself.”

As an indie songwriter, Moore enjoys capturing her personal experiences, including heartbreak.

Incorporating such moments, added Moore, plays a huge role in helping her get through the pain and, potentially, ease the ache for others going through something similar.

Moving from Ontario and settling down with family members in Richmond at the age of two, Moore spent her whole childhood and teenage years in Richmond, where she attended Anderson Elementary and Palmer secondary. 

“My family has always been very musical. I started playing piano at the age of six and I did classical training for 11 years. I was in the Richmond City Chorus, Richmond community concert band, and Richmond Musical Jazz band,” said Moore. 

Moore’s father, Steven, was a pastor at Richmond Pentecostal Church on Westminster Highway for 22 years, where Moore honed her musical talents.

In the fall of 2018, Moore moved from Richmond to Los Angeles to pursue her musical dream, even though it was the “hardest thing she ever had to do in her life.”

However, Moore has successfully adapted to her new life in L.A., which she describes as a “hub for music” and different activities, with a lot of people trying hard to accomplish their dreams.

Moore will be back in Richmond next week to visit her family and friends.

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