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Volunteers set up donation stand in Richmond to raise money for Lytton fire victims

For people who aren't able to drop by, they can make donations online.

A donation stand will be set up at Brighouse Canada Line station in Richmond this weekend to support people in Lytton after the wildfire swept through the town. 

People are free to drop by to donate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, according to event organizer Leaf Alifu.

Alifu said he felt compelled to step up after reading news about the Lytton fire and realized victims lost their belongings and homes after fleeing the flames. 

Alifu connected with friends at the Vancouver International Volunteer Association - a non-profit founded by a group of Chinese international students dedicated to helping people in need - to figure out a way to raise funds. 

“Although most group members are international students who haven’t lived here for long, they are more than eager to give back to the community,” said Alifu.

For people who aren’t able to drop by, they can also donate at