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Angels Among Us: Richmondite got her lost phone back and made new friends

A Richmondite got her lost phone back and made new friends.
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Rannie Zhang said she is so grateful for this couple's help.

Richmondite Rannie Zhang is giving a shout-out to an elderly couple who returned her phone back after she lost it on her way to work. 

“As an immigrant, I am so proud to live in this lovely city because everyone is supporting each other,” said Zhang.

On Monday morning, Zhang got on the 403 bus at No. 3 and Ryan roads where she met an elderly couple who she chatted with.

However, Zhang’s heart sank immediately after finding her pocket was empty after getting off the bus - her iPhone was gone. 

“I was running behind the bus and shouting at them to stop. I was frantically calling TransLink customer service for help…I thought there must be no way to get it back,” said Zhang. 

Zhang asked her boyfriend to give her phone several calls to give it a last shot. 

What she didn’t expect was the calls got through to the couple on the bus she met earlier, who had picked up her phone and had been waiting at a local restaurant for hours with hopes to return the phone to her.

Zhang offered to buy them groceries or take them out for a big dinner after getting her phone back, but her offer was declined.

“I told them if you need any help in the near future, give me a call. We are now close friends. I feel so grateful to meet nice people here. Words couldn’t describe my gratitude,” said Zhang.

Angels Among Us is an on-going series dedicated to all the mysterious community members who have done acts of joy and optimism for others during a difficult time. Email us at to share your story.