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Award-winning travel writer launches audiobook featuring Richmond culinary adventure

Field Guide to Eating in Canada will take listeners to discover some hidden culinary gems across the country.
In Field Guide to Eating in Canada, award-winning cookbook author Meredith Erickson visits three restaurants in Richmond.

An award-winning food and travel writer has launched an audiobook that gives listeners the chance to go on a culinary journey across the country – and one of the chapters is spent exploring Richmond’s food scene. 

In Field Guide to Eating in Canada, available on, host and co-writer Meredith Erickson visits three Asian restaurants in Richmond, interviewing chefs and founders.

“After we finished the day of shooting in Richmond, I said to my executive producer Laura this was by far my favourite show because it was completely unexpected,” said Erickson, who visited the restaurants last summer. 

Erickson recalled her first time visiting HK BBQ Master, located underground just below the Real Canadian Superstore at Leslie and No. 3 roads. She said she felt the restaurant was an authentically Canadian experience. 

“The father and son (who run HK BBQ Master) really understand the business and are humbled hard workers. It was the most incredible BBQ I have ever had. We were there before the opening and there was already a massive line-up at noon,” said Erickson, adding that she later stopped at Jade Seafood Restaurant and Wu Fung Dessert at Aberdeen Centre. 

“We had everything on the menu. I felt that combination of the three – Jade, HK BBQ plus the Aberdeen Centre – is a perfect trifecta in the perfect experience,” added Erickson. 

When asked if it requires more effort to bring out the taste and flavour of food through audiobooks or podcasts, since no visual content is allowed, Erickson noted that the conversation is more important. 

In fact, in addition to meeting rock star chefs, listeners will meet farmers, winemakers and hear about issues faced by locals and the agriculture industry. 

“I want people to use this field guide not as a guide to a restaurant across the country but as a guide to farms, agricultures that are extremely important to our industry and substantiality. I want to shine a light on people who are in the food world and might not have received the focus, such as farmers, bakers and winemakers,” said Erickson, adding that she hopes people to utilize this guide to travel. 

“Canada is deeply rich in diversity and there is a lot more to be seen.”

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