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Garlic festival biggest yet

Organizers took 'leap of faith' in event preparations

To tweet or not to tweet

Wow. I have a social media headache. Between all the Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, blog rolls, and page likes, I can't even remember what I was going to say anymore.

Dragons take scouting to the sea

Growing up in Hong Kong, Richmond's Stanley Leung remembers being fascinated by the Scouts' uniform. "I was 15 years old and home schooled at the time," said the eight-year veteran captain and leader of Richmond's Sea Dragon Sea Scout Group.

Exhibit explores sustainability

Sustainability - it's something we hear about often, but do we really know exactly what it means? The new exhibition at the Richmond Museum, sustainABILITY, which opens Tuesday, Aug. 23, explores the realm of sustainability.

Should I gift flowers or shoes?

As the old refrain goes, "Don't Bring Me Posies, It's Shoesies I Need." Although you might not be old enough to hum this tune, the message is the same today as long ago.

Concert for the orphans

This summer, six Hugh Boyd secondary students will head to Africa on a humanitarian journey. On Aug. 14, student volunteers will travel to the South African orphanage called Refilwe.
PHOTOS & VIDEO: Summer Fun Night at King George Park

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Summer Fun Night at King George Park

Don't shy away from investing in U.S. equities

It's a given that the U.S. is in for some difficult times, but that doesn't mean Canadian investors should steer clear of U.S. equities.

Kids pick fun reads

Kids who are part of the Richmond Public Library's Summer Reading Club (SRC) have been racking up prizes and stickers in addition to getting valuable practice on their reading skills.

A sweet twist on French Toast

Gilmore Gardens' executive chef John Bateman was recently inducted to the Honour Society of the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC).