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A safer way to manage passwords

I have more than 80 passwords for various sites including email accounts, shopping sites and online forums. That's a lot of passwords, but no two are the same. And I know none of them by memory.

B.C. market still strong: Economist

Canada's western provinces will remain one of the most economically stable markets for investments, according to economist Warren Jestin at a City of Richmond event.

Warriors prepare departure

For the past few months, a number of fiberglass Asian warriors have been on prominent display around Richmond. They will soon be gone from city streets, sold to the highest bidders. On Sept.

Kiev orchestra comes to Richmond

One of the best symphony orchestras in the world is coming to Richmond next week. The Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus will perform at the Bethany Baptist Church next Monday, Sept. 17 on the sixth leg of its Western Canadian tour.

Kin's celebrates 25 years

Contests, guessing games and food samples were on the menu at Kin's Farm Market locations last Saturday afternoon.

City planning trip down electric avenue

People with hybrid cars will soon get a boost if the citys plan to build five new charging stations goes ahead.

Individuals recognized for contributions

A special ceremony was held at the Richmond Golf and Country Club last Friday to recognize more than two dozen individuals from Delta and Richmond for their selfless contributions to their communities.

Perfection isn't reality

Why do we have the idea that perfection is reality? Wanting to achieve perfection in our lives can certainly be motivating, but it can also set us up to believe we're just not good enough if we don't achieve the levels of perfection we set for oursel

Arts Council targets youth

In the last few years of its 42-year life, it's struggled and scraped, eeking out a meagre existence while trying to attract attention and funding. But the Community Arts Council of Richmond (CACR) has found a new spark of late.

Education versus teaching

If newspapers from across the continent are to be believed, much of the effort and energy meant to be expended on education is channeled into surveys, statistics and strikes.
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