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In the Community

Life-saving devices installed in public places

Around $40,000 worth of life-saving defibrillators have been donated to strategic parts of Richmond in a bid to increase public safety.

Open your eyes to Invisible Awareness Day

The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) will be hosting its 2nd Annual Invisible Illness Awareness Event on Saturday Sept. 14 at Lansdowne Centre. From noon to 5 p.m.
Life-saving devices installed in Richmond public places

Life-saving devices installed in Richmond public places

$40,000 worth of new defibrillators donated to strategic city locations

Plan for the long term

Last of our 10-part series Few of us remember being toddlers, but many of us sure remember raising them! "Johnny, put that down! Mary, stay inside the yard and Tommy, stop chasing Mary! For goodness sake kids, could you all please settle down!" Sorry

Richmond launches social blueprint

The City of Richmond has approved what it calls a "groundbreaking" new Social Development Strategy, created to guide community social programs and policy for the next decade. Nine specific "directions" have been formed as part of the strategy: 1.
Local teens crowned Sunshine

Local teens crowned Sunshine

Two Richmond youth, Adriel Tam (age 22) and Jessica Han (age 18), were crowned Boy Champion and Girl Champion at Fairchild Radio's annual pageant/talent search for Chinese-speaking teens, Sunshine Nation 2013.

Apps measure calories in/out

One of the great benefits of consumer tech is that no piece of data is too small to be recorded. One of the big annoyances of consumer tech is that no piece of data is too small to be recorded.

Pair bring Parkinson Superwalk home

The Parkinson Superwalk - Canada's largest fundraising event for the incurable degenerative disease - will come to Richmond on Sep.

Make post-Labour Day less painful

Labour Day, which typically heralds the (unofficial) end of summer, was early this year. That means even sooner than usual, we made the annual transition from laid-back, lowpressure August to nose-to-the-grindstone September.

Trail in running for Canada's greatest

South dyke nominated for Great Public Space