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Richmond baker, software developer competes in nation-wide baking show

CBC's The Great Canadian Baking Show returns for its fourth season.
Sheldon Lynn
Richmond resident an software developer is one of 10 participants in CBC's 2021 The Great Canadian Baking Show.

Auditioning for one of Canada’s well-known amateur baking TV competitions was something a Richmond resident didn’t think much of until he was officially added to the cast.

Sheldon Lynn, a software developer, is taking part in his first baking competition against nine other contestants in CBC’s fourth season of The Great Canadian Baking Show.

Taking part in the show only happened by coincidence, when a friend sent Lynn the announcement for audition submissions.

“I thought about it for a couple days and in the end I thought why not throw my hat in the ring,” said Lynn, adding that he had nothing better to do except working from home.

“I tried it and fully expected nothing to come of it, but low and behold.”

Lynn called baking is his love language – his way of showing people he cares about them.

“My whole heart and soul goes into what I bake and I try to challenge myself in baking … and all of that love and care goes to my friends and family and that’s what I love about baking,” said Lynn.

“I’ve always had a fondness for food because it’s a really big thing in my family, and food is what ties us all together.”

While he may have baked casually on the side throughout his life, Lynn got more serious about it after attending a sourdough workshop saying it allowed him to “get a taste of a huge world” and he had more to learn.

When asked what his favourite thing to bake is, he said “sourdough” without hesitation.

“It’s the first thing that got me seriously into baking. I love how sourdough is a mix of science and alchemy and I love perfecting my sourdough because it’s my fingerprint, my baby and my thing.”

Lynn told the Richmond News that after the show, he plans on creating more inspiring content to teach other people how to bake.

“I’m proud to be an immigrant and from Richmond. Canada is a country of immigrants and we each bring all of our background and our wealth of cultural knowledge to teach each other and that’s how I see baking and food – a dialogue to learn about others.”

The Great Canadian Baking Show will be held over the course of eight episodes with each episode featuring three rounds: the signature bake, the technical bake and the show stopper.

Pastry chefs Bruno Feldeisen and Kyla Kennaley have also returned to the judging table for this season’s competition.

Each week, a star baker will be announced and one baker will be sent home, until three bakers remain.