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Happy Monday, Richmond: Photos of the week

Did you take any photos of Richmond last week?

Happy Monday, Richmond!

Each week, we receive incredible photos from local photographers who capture the beauty around the City of Richmond.

To kick off the week, we are showing off submissions from Amy Sun, Anabelle Wee, Angie Lau, Bessie Chum, Caroline Sayson, Catherine Clark, Chee Yong, Dave McKinnon, Geoff McDonell, Gerrit Schuldt, Jimmy Santoso, John Whitmore, Johnny Choi, Ray Luetzen, Richard Topping, Ting Chen and Vivien Soide.

To submit a photo, email us at [email protected] with the subject line "GMR." Remember to tell us where and when you took the photo.

Today's weather... 

Forecasts call for a mix of sun and cloud during the day, followed by cloudy periods at night.

Temperatures are expected to hit a high of 14C and a low of 10C.

To check out forecasts for other areas of Richmond for the rest of the week, go to