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Illegal flyers attacking Chak Au resurface at footstep of polls

Elections BC says it is investigating the matter
Chak Au's socially conservative viewpoints have come under fire from a third party Chinese group that feels gay rights and safe drug injection sites have led to a "morally bankrupt" East Vancouver

Elections BC said it is investigating anonymous, politically-charged flyers being distributed in Richmond and, in particular, near polling stations.

The flyers attack Au for joining the NDP when he initially stood against gay marriage early in his political career. Au has stated while he respects the law and equality, he remains reserved in his personal beliefs. The NDP has long stood for gay rights.

Elections BC spokesperson Andrew Watson said the flyers do not include the required authorization statement.

“In this case we do not know who is handing out the flyers, but we are working to determine this,” said Watson.

The NDP claims the flyers have also been dumped on Chinese language newspaper boxes and stands.