Your Voice: Richmond Centre strollers

Richmond centre is phasing out its free blue strollers, and bringing in a new batch with tablets for kids that cost $8 per day to rent.

The Richmond News already reported on one mother who’s disappointed by the change, and this week we asked other shoppers what they think of the move.

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Q: What do you think of Richmond centre swapping its old strollers for $8 tablet strollers?

Peter Hsia


“I think (replacing them) is a bad idea. I think this one, all the children love it. Now we have to pay eight bucks.”

Krista Fredriksen


“(The tablet strollers) keep them entertained. With my sister's kids, who are two-and-a-half, they make shopping a breeze.”

Sarah Tantay


“$8 you're paying, for that? It's not worth it.”

Emily Galaj-ya


“The iPad is just for the distraction? For me, I don't want to engage my child with (a tablet) yet.”

Matt Fonacier


“I think it should be free, first of all. Because there are no parents who want to give away $8 just to use strollers.”



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