Your Voice: How many Earths do you need for your lifestyle? (What's your ecological footprint?)

This story is part of a News series focusing on place-based food systems

Richmond News employees, clockwise, from top left:

Rob Akimow, ad manager:

4.4 - Good thing for Rob he lives in a small, energy efficient apartment, because his meat/dairy consumption is through the roof. Rob also didn’t consider fuel economy in his new car but he sometimes rides the Canada Line to work. “I’m still below the Canadian average!” he says.

Daisy Xiong, reporter:

3.3 - Daisy is small but her fossil fuel consumption is big. Despite living in a studio and eating lots of veggies, her annual trips to China and gas-guzzling SUV set her back. “I’m surprised. I thought I had a small footprint in the world,” she says. “Before I took this job I always took public transit!”

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Megan Devlin, reporter:

3.0 - Megan scores big points with Mother Earth for being a vegetarian and limiting her dairy. She also takes the Canada Line to work ...But she blankets the atmosphere in greenhouse gases  with her frequent trips to family in Ontario. “I feel guilty about it, but I also miss home,” she says.

Graeme Wood, reporter:

2.8 - Mid-range scores for Graeme, as he’s eliminated red meat but remains a cheese addict. His travel days are behind him but his car consumes a lot of fuel, despite living close to work. “I should ride my bike up the Railway Greenway. I could do better; I feel great shame,” he says.

Eve Edmonds, editor:

1.2 - If everyone lived like Eve, we’d have a lot less problems. She consumes little, is mostly vegetarian and bikes to work each day. Her only sin is an annual flight to Arizona. “Still not good enough!” she proclaims. “And as low as I may be, it does no good if everyone else is stinking things up!”

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