Video: Richmond Dominos’ owner raises nearly $17,000 for Wigs for Kids BC

When the world’s fasted pizza maker challenged Bryan Dobb to make as many pizzas as he could in one hour, he couldn’t refuse.

In the course of that hour, Dobb – who owns the two Dominos in Richmond – was able to make 169 pizzas, raising $16,801, all of which he donated to Wigs for Kids BC, an organization he’s long supported.

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Every two years, said Dobb, Dominos holds a competition to see which of their franchisees is the fastest pizza maker.

The current record-holder, who lives in Ontario, recently decided to see how many pizzas he could make in 60 minutes, breaking the previous world record of 205 when he made 278 pizzas.

“So he challenged a few other franchises to see how many (they) could make in one hour, and I was one of those people,” said Dobb.

“They (the other franchisees) said they would donate money towards every pizza I make,” said Dobb, adding it’s been a while since he was last in the back spinning pizza dough.

“So I think they thought I’d only make about 70 pizzas.”

And while his back was a bit sore by the end of the challenge – which took place at one of the Dominos locations in Vancouver – Dobb said overall making the pizzas was “like riding a bike.”

As for 169 pizzas, he said, those were donated to frontline workers and first responders – something that he and other Dominos franchisees have been doing throughout the course of the pandemic.

“This (challenge) was just an extra, fun little thing that we did,” he said.

Wigs for Kids’ Bev Friesen said the organization was “thrilled” to receive the donation, particularly as the organization is struggling with fundraising during COVID-19.

“As is the case with many other charities, (we’ve) seen a huge drop in financial support,” she said.

“We’ve had to suspend our ponytail collections, which are often accompanied with pledges that the donor has collected from friends and family.”

Dobb’s donation, she said, will go towards helping families with the costs of wigs, feeding supplies or cancer medications. 

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