Richmond's Game of Thrones superfan ready for final series

If there’s one person in Richmond who will be glued to the TV at 9 p.m. on Sunday, it will be Ray Page.

For 57-year-old Page will be settling down with his wife, Blessie, to watch the kick off of the eighth and final series of HBO’s fantasy phenomenon Game of Thrones (GOT).

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The Canada Post worker, who lives on General Currie Road in central Richmond, is no ordinary GOT fan, however, and has the props to prove it.

In the run up to Halloween back in October of 2017, the Richmond News featured Page on the front cover, resplendent in his home-made Prince Oberyn Martell robe, while sitting on his home-made iron throne.

The News showed off Page’s other incredible GOT creations, such as Jon Snow’s outfit and royal robes inspired by the TV show.

Ironically, it turns out that Page isn’t actually a huge fan of TV, but has been captivated by the worldwide GOT obsession.

“I signed up for HBO just a few day ago, to make sure it was working properly before Sunday; I can’t miss this one,” said an excited Page, who’s only watched the previous seven series on a BluRay box set.

“My wife still wants me to get rid of the throne, she says it takes up too much space. But I want to keep it a little bit longer.”

As for predictions, GOT fans around the globe all have massively differing theories as to who will be killed off and who will sit on the throne at the end of the final series.

Page, like many GOT fans, can’t really make up his mind.

“Oh, my goodness, I’m so excited, but I’m really not sure. I think maybe Jon Snow or Bran Stark,” he laughed.

“But I heard that the dragons may be commanded to just destroy the throne completely. That way, no one rules.

“I think Arya Stark will die in episode 2.”


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