Richmond company to donate marketing budget to Richmond Hospital fighting COVID-19

A Richmond-based real estate development firm is donating $15,000, their full six-month marketing budget, to Richmond Hospital.

“Everyone is struggling. I think for a time like this, we need the leaders in our community to step up to build togetherness,” said Allen Zu, managing director of Everglade.

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The Richmond Hospital Foundation is asking for donations to purchase life-saving medical equipment for the hospital.

In response to this cry for help, a GoFundMe campaign, launched by Everglade Wednesday, aims to raise more than $100,000 to provide the hospital with four pieces of life-saving medical equipment, including one chest compression machine and three vital sign monitors. 

To kick off the campaign, Zu and his team members took lead in donating their full marketing budget for the next six months to this good cause.

“There are a lot of charities and campaigns going around us, and many of them are going towards other mainstream facilities. All of our employees live in Richmond, and we feel our local hospital also needs to be funded,” said Zu. 

“We hope to create a sense of pride and togetherness for our community and hospital.”

According to the fundraiser page, the Richmond Hospital Foundation has a supplier that has access to get essential medical equipment and personal protection equipment for frontline health-care workers.

“They know what they need, and they now need our support to make it happen,” reads the GoFundMe page.

The campaign, which has a target goal of $102,000, could cover the entire costs of these pieces of essential medical equipment. Each chest compression machine and vital sign monitor will cost $24,000 and $26,000, respectively. 

COVID-19 targets the lungs and can cause respiratory problems such as pneumonia. Chest compression machines and vital sign monitors can be used in combination with ventilation to help with patients’ breathing processes when the disease starts causing the lungs to fail. These machines can give patients time to fight off the infection and recover. 

Meanwhile, Zu also hopes that other businesses and residents can get inspired and donate what they can. 

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