Angels Among Us: Steveston salon receives store re-opening surprise

While Richmond businesses have begun re-openning procedures, one local nail salon received a surprise gift from their “neighbour” last week.

Richmond resident Armando Diaz took to social media when his wife and their employees received an unexpected pizza delivery with a heart-warming note on it, while they were at their nail salon installing Plexiglass sneeze guards and re-organizing the shop.

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The pizza and the note, which read "Welcome Back, we're all in this together," was from their neighbour John’s Pan Pizza, who was more than excited to see Bellatudo opening again.

“I want to thank John’s Pizza for their friendship and their generosity,” said Diaz in the post.

“This is the kind of thing that makes a community successful … people looking out for each other, small businesses supporting and encouraging their fellow small businesses.”

Angels Among Us is an on-going series dedicated to all the mysterious community members who have done acts of joy and optimism for others during a difficult time. Email us at to share your story.

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