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Top-10 patios in Richmond!

Soak up some rays and grab a drink, it's summer time! Scroll through the photos for your Richmond Patio Guide

Now, to be certain, Richmond isn’t exactly your Mecca for patios. Normally, when you think patios, you think Vancouver — and fair enough, why not? 

But Richmond has a good selection of riverside patios and it also has a decent selection of urban patios. As the city grows, more choices are sprouting up.

This list is just that — a list. In it, most of my focus is on the patio itself and having a cold brewski, so access to good drinks, sun, people-watching and views are of primary concern. I am partial to a good view of the Fraser River and optimal sun trajectories, mind you. However, factors such as atmosphere and food can tip the scales in either direction (but this isn’t a restaurant review). At any rate, I’ll leave it up to you to rank them accordingly.

This is the first weekend of summer, so get outside and enjoy the crowds!