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City Centre surges on development tidal wave

The News examines 10 significant changes coming to Richmond’s downtown

Richmond’s City Centre area, from Brighouse to Bridgeport, is expected to reach a population of 90,000 residents in 15 years. It is the fastest-growing area in the city, and is experiencing a boom of development — slightly beyond what was initially imagined in the Official Area Plan, adopted in 2009 — thanks in large part to foreign investment, immigration and a growing economy bolstered by construction.

While city planners expected most of the growth in the first two decades of the 2009 plan, many major projects lie ahead in the near future, ready to transform City Centre from a suburban hub into a downtown core.

To get there, the city will be thinking of establishing new parks, places to work, improved transit and community amenities.

Rotate through the images above to see 10 cahanges coming in the pipeline