Richmond athletes bring home five medals from B.C. High School Track and Field Championships

Results of all city schools that participated in the three-day meet included

Richmond athletes produced five podium finishes at this weekend’s B.C. Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships in Langley.

City champion McMath Wildcats capped their impressive season with four more medals.

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Grade 11 sprinter Carson Bradley was a double-medalist, finishing third in Friday’s senior boys 400 metres (49.75 seconds)  and also helping the 4x100 relay team win bronze in a time of 43.88. He capped a busy weekend with a sixth place result in the 200 metre final on Saturday, finishing just ahead of teammate Liam McLeod.

Alicia Lo captured silver in the senior girls triple jump with a best leap of 10.75 metres. Vicki Wideski’s bright future in field events began by winning the Grade 8 girls shot put with a throw of 10.61 metres.

Rounding out the medal winners was bronze in senior boys long jump for Burnett's Eric Che with a best leap of 6.59.

Here’s a rundown of all the Richmond athletes and teams that competed at McLeod Athletic Park against the province’s best. Congrats to all:


Grade 8 Girls 400 Metres

5. Emma Bradley-Tse (RA McMath) 1:02.67 20. Monica Lo (JN Burnett) 1:10.43


Junior Girls 400 Metres

8. Claire Bosma (RA McMath) 1:06.58.


Senior Boys 400 Metres

3. Carson Bradley (RA McMath) 49.75.


Grade 8 Girls 1500 Metres

14. Kezia Kawamura (McRoberts) 5:18.10.


Junior Girls 1500 Metres

23. Selin Tasemir (McMath) 5:17.58


Senior Boys 1500 Metres

8. Joshua Woolgar (Richmond Christian) 4:15.99.


Junior Girls 4x100 Relay

20. RA McMath “B”  53.97. 32. RA McMath “C” 1:02.61.


Grade 8 Girls 4x100 Relay

11. RA McMath 54.98. 12. AR MacNeill 55.24.


Grade 8 Boys 4x100 Relay

AR MacNeill DQ. 


Senior Girls 4x100 Relay

RA McMath DQ.


Senior Boys 4x100 Relay

3. McMath 43.88.


Grade 8 Boys High Jump

9. Angelo Wang (Steveston-London) 1.60M.


Junior Girls Triple Jump

6. Caitlyn Bradley-Tse (RA McMath) 10.58M.


Junior Boys Long Jump

29. Lleyton Dimaan (Hugh Boyd) 4.86M.


Senior Girls Discus

22. Juliana Burara (AR MacNeill) 22.72M. 23. Reynalee Moranion (AR MacNeill) 22.53.


Senior Boys Javelin

22. Kyle San Juan (AR MacNeill) 35.47M.


Junior Girls Shot Put

10. Kyra Bates (McRoberts) 10.02M. 19. Anna Sysoyeva (Hugh Boyd) 9.07M. 23. Jessica Nonay (Cambie) 8.61M.


Junior Boys Discus

20. Elisa Khan (RA McMath) 27.03M.


Senior Girls Long Jump

19. Leila Sahaiholnasab (McNair) 4.49M.


Senior Boys Discus

24, Jj Bachmeier (AR MacNeill) 26.57M.


Grade 8 Boys Javelin

22. Pierce Jing (RA McMath) 21.86M.


Junior Girls Javelin

9. Kyra Bates (McRoberts) 31.59M.


Junior Boys Shot Put

21. Ben Estrellado (AR MacNeill) 9.75M.


Senior Boys High Jump

18. Javeed Gill (McRoberts) 1.70M.


Grade 8 Girls Javelin

8. Vicki Wideski (RA McMath) 24.70M. 9. Rylee Crego (Hugh Boyd) 24.42M. 11. Meghan Smith (RA McMath) 23.98M. 20. Kendall Downie (RA McMath) 19.98M.


Junior Girls Long Jump

20. Sophie James (RA McMath) 4.57M.


Grade 8 Girls 100 Metres

18. Emma Birch (RA McMath) 14.41.


Junior Boys 100 Metres

26. Luis You (Burnett) 12.45.


Senior Girls 100 Metres

25. Nicola Wigboldus (Steveston-London) 13.90.


Senior Boys 100 Metres

6. Liam McLeod (RA McMath) 11.34. 16. Zach Jackson (Hugh Boyd) 11.72.


Grade 8 Girls 4x400 Relay

7. RA McMath 4:35.08.


Grade 8 Boys 4x400 Relay

12. AR MacNeill 4:16.99.


Junior Girls 4x400 Relay

6. RA McMath 4:15.06.


Junior Boys 4x400 Relay

28. Hugh Boyd 4:08.80.


Senior Girls 4x400 Relay

13. RA McMath 4:24.66. 22. AR MacNeill 4:56.02.


Grade 8 Girls Shot Put

1. Vicki Wideski (RA McMath) 10.61M. 6. Rylee Cargo (Hugh Boyd) 8.77M.


Junior Girls Discus

29. Anna Wassink (Richmond Christian) 17.49M.


Senior Girls Triple Jump

2. Alicia Lo (RA McMath) 10.75M. Harmony Ip (AR MacNeill) foul. 


Senior Boys Long Jump

3. Eric Che (JN Burnett) 6.59M.


Junior Boys Long Jump

18. Elia Khan (RA Mcmath) 1.65M.


Grade 8 Girls Triple Jump

21. Nicole Chan (Richmond Christian) 8.71M. Vicki Wideski (RA McMath) foul.


Senior Girls Shot Put

13. Reynalee Moranion (AR MacNeill) 8.99M. 24. Emma Wassink (Richmond Christian) 7.46M.


Senior Girls Javelin

24. Alanna Burkholder (Richmond Christian) 24.96M. 25. Thalia Sacavazza (RA McMath) 23.12.


Senior Boys Shot Put

16. Jj Bachmeier (AR MacNeill) 9.82M.


Grade 8 Girls 800 Metres

10. Kezia Kawamura (McRoberts) 2:33.31.


Grade 8 Boys 800 Metres

15. Nathan Chu (AR MacNeill) 2:24.35.


Junior Girls 800 Metres

21. Selin Tasdemir (RA McMath) 2:30.61. 25. Claire Bosma (RA McMath) 2:33.44.


Senior Boys 800 Metres

9. Ryan Heroux (McRoberts) 1:59.35.


Junior Boys 200 Metres

27. Luis You (JN Burnett) 25.37.


Junior Girls 3000 Metres

29. Elizabeth Kennedy (RA McMath) 12:34.24.


Junior Boys 3000 Metres

17. Evan De Souza (Steveston-London) 9:46.11).


Senior Boys 200 Metres

6. Carson Bradley (RA McMath) 22.43. 7. Liam McLeod (RA McMath) 22.55.


Grade 8 Girls 3000 Metres

20. Janelle Tuazon-Cabido (Hugh Boyd) 14:47.60.

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