Minoru hosts 66th annual Coastal Cup Finals

24 division titles on the line this weekend including Richmond Strikers in U15A tilt

Top youth teams from Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island come together at Minoru Park this weekend for B.C. Soccer’s 66th annual Coastal “A” and “B” Cup Boys and Girls Championships.

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A total of 24 games will be played on Minoru’s three fields with matches scheduled to for 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. each day. The championships are being co-hosted by Richmond F.C. and the Richmond Girls Soccer Association.

The city’s hopes of a title rest on the shoulders of the Richmond Strikers in Sunday’s U15A girls title game.

Here is the complete schedule:


9 a.m.

Minoru Oval: U13B Boys Vancouver Vikings vs. Coquitlam MF Porto.

Minoru #2: U16A Boys: Burnaby Metro Selects vs. Vancouver FC

Minoru #3: U15B Boys: South Burnaby Spartans vs. Vancouver United Aces

11 a.m.

Minoru Oval: U17A Girls Fraser Valley Selects vs. Vancouver United Comets

Minoru #2: U16A Boys Burnaby Selects vs. Vancouver FC

Minoru #3: U16A Girls Coquitlam MF Venom vs. Fraser Valley Selects

1 p.m.

Minoru Oval: U14B Boys Surrey United Impact vs. South Burnaby Thunderbirds.

Minoru #2: U16B Boys Wesburn Galaxy vs. Guildford FC

Minoru #3: U17A Boys Coquitlam MF Internazionale vs. BC Tigers FC

3 p.m.

Minoru Oval: U18A Boys Port Moody AC Selects vs. CCB Elite Selects

Minoru #2: U14A Boys Vancouver FC vs. Surrey Guildford United

Minoru #3: U13 A Boys Burnaby Metro Selects vs. Fraser Valley Selects Real.



9 a.m.

Minoru Oval: U14B Girls North Shore Avalanche vs. Coquitlam MF Thunder.

Minoru #2: U13A Girls Fraser Valley Selects vs. Burnaby Metro Fire

Minoru #3: U14A Girls West Van Rangers vs. Coquitlam MF Shockwave

11 a.m.

Minoru Oval: U18A Girls Delta Coastal Selects vs. North Shore Renegades

Minoru #2: U16B Girls Vancouver Electricity vs. WCA FC Wolves

Minoru #3: U18B Boys CCB Lions vs. Langley United

1 p.m.

Minoru Oval: U15A Girls Richmond Strikers vs. Fraser Valley Selects

Minoru #2: U17B Boys Coastal FC Royal vs. ICSF Juventus

Minoru #3: U17B Girls North Shore Thunder vs. Vancouver United Selects

3 p.m.

Minoru Oval: U18B Girls West Vancouver United vs. Langley United

Minoru #2: U15B Girls Vancouver Athletic Venom vs. North Shore Interceptors

Minoru #3: U15A Boys Fraser Valley Selects vs. Port Moody AC Selectsa



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