Inaugural Richmond Open attracts nearly 400 players

Olympic Oval ideal venue for three-day event

The FLPA Richmond Cup is here to stay.

That’s how tournament director Al Liao felt following the three-day event that attracted nearly 400 competitors to the Richmond Olympic Oval. The tournament featured a wide-variety of players — ranging from beginners on Friday to national team members for Sunday’s open division finals. It’s what Liao envisioned when the tournament came together over the summer — describing it as “celebration of the sport” in a world class venue. There was plenty of seating for the public and trade show area tournament sponsors.

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“The Olympic Oval is really good for us to host big events like this. Not just to accommodate the players, but for the spectators and our sponsors too. Just how it all comes together for us,” added Liao.

Among the international players competing was Korea’s Hwang Ji-man — a bronze medalist in men’s doubles at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Some Thailand national team members also competed.

Liao not only wants to bring the Richmond Open back in 2020 but plans are already underway for the Oval to host the Canadian Open in 2021.

Richmond Open medal winners included:

Open Men’s Doubles: 1. Hwang Jiman and Lee Chulwoo 2. Liao Chiung Chen and Liao Sheng Shiun 3. Ted Chen Liang and Liao Chun Yao.

Recreational Men’s Doubles: 1. Yutaka Ozeki and Holgren Lai 2. James Chow and William Go 3. TK Lam and Khai Tuek Wong.

Over 40 Men’s Doubles: 1. Kim Chen and Ian Wuo 2. Sushil Nirwal and Baoming Zhang 3. Li Qi and John Zhang.

Come Try Men’s Doubles: 1. Andrew Hu and Eugene Hu 2. Andy Chen and Roy Huang 3. Chen Jun and Wen Sheng.

Open Women’s Doubles: 1. Michelle Yeung and Wendy Zhang 2. Yoyo Chen Minami and Huang Mei Ching 3. Jennifer Chen and Katie Ka Yee Ngai.

Recreational Women’s Doubles: 1. Amy Hu and Mengziao Xu 2. Lisa Kuc and Joyce Leung 3. Emma Wong and Erica Zhou.

Over 40 Women’s Doubles: 1. Marian Morins and Lily Zhang 2. Lu Liu and Liyan Tan 3. Brenna Intholixay and Wendy Lee.

Come Try Women’s Doubles: Vienna Kan and Karen Tam 2. Joyce and Mabel Yan 3. Jessica Li and Ling Ling.

Open Mixed Doubles: 1. Hwang Jiman and Wendy Zhang 2. Jackson Yang and Katie Ka Yee Ngai. 3. Yuyuan Chang and Adrienne Lin.

Recreational Mix Doubles: 1. Charles Liu and Erica Zhou 2. Ian Wuo and Ivy Wang 3. Brandon Tang and Eilish Quan.

Over Mixed Doubles: 1. Lily Zhang and John Zhang 2. Sushil Nirway and Shelley Xie 3. Leo Liao and Jean Liu.

Come Try: 1. Pac Lee and Melissa 2. Jack Yang and Wendy Li 3. Jeff Qiu and Grace.

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