Box lacrosse also dropping division names for 2020 season

Canada's official summer sport joins minor hockey recognizing its various levels by age

Box lacrosse is joining minor hockey and changing its division names in time for the 2020 season.

At last month’s Canadian Lacrosse Association semi-annual meeting, the CLA passed approval to re-named their divisions after their respective age groups — 12U, 14U, 16U and so on — dropping Pee Wee Bantam and Midget.

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“These new division names better reflect the age categories in lacrosse,” said Shawn Williams, president of the Canadian Lacrosse Association. “Allan Redford, president of Little People of Canada, reached out to the Canadian Lacrosse Association just under a year ago about this movement in sports. Since then, the Canadian Lacrosse Association has taken active steps to address this and all name changes to the age categories will be in place for next season. As an organization, we believe that sports, and the language used in them, should be inclusive and respectful.” 

Field lacrosse has already been operating with division names based on age.

"The Little People of Canada (LPC) and the Dwarf Athletic Association of Canada (DAAC) are extremely pleased and applaud the Canadian Lacrosse Association for their success at eliminating the M-word as an age classification and moving to a more inclusive and universally descriptive classification nomenclature. This is a win-win-win. A win for the sport, the fans, and all Canadians. The ease with which this was embraced and adopted across all Canadian sporting organizations is a testament to Canada's core desire for inclusion, dignity, and respect," said Redford.

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