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Letters: Richmond city council by-election not needed

A Richmond News reader is far from happy that taxpayers are footing the $700,000 bill for a by-election, after Kelly Greene left to run for MLA
Kelly Greene resigned during her first term on city council to run for MLA. She won, triggering a $700,000 by-election

Dear Editor,

We can save over $700,000 with no by-election, especially in this COVID-19 climate when I expect the turnout would be abysmal. 

Let’s operate with the councillors we have now.

If we need another, then why not choose the one who came in closest in the 2018 election.

If necessary, press provincial government to allow the city to operate with the present number of councillors until the October 2022 election.

I understand juries have standbys, why not the same for councillors?

Clarence Ash