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Letters: Level the food truck playing field in Steveston

A Richmond News reader thinks the food trucks rolling into Steveston have an unfair advantage over established eateries
One of the food trucks that the City of Richmond is now asking to move from Steveston

Dear Editor,

Re: “Council asks food trucks to find new location,”, April 19.

Our city would do well to require a geotag license which must come at a cost for these food truck operators.

Tax them at a rate that reflects their high revenue, time spent onsite and the impact they have on established local restaurants.

Currently, these operators enjoy the advantage of choosing the peak sales times for which to maximize profit, sadly to the detriment of our local restaurants who must operate throughout the entire year whilst paying revenues to the City of Richmond.

I believe this is not a level playing field, and our loyal restaurants should be better represented by the city for which they have established themselves within.

Patrick Johnston