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Letter: E-scooters ‘flying by’

A Richmond News reader had some close calls with e-scooters.

Dear Editor,

Re: “E-scooter close call,” Letters, July 28 and  “E-scooters a ‘menace,’” Letters, May 19

I just want to reiterate the dangers of the recent onslaught of e-scooters as per P. Cheung and Tom Ng’s letters to Richmond News.

I’m a senior and go for day and evening walks in Richmond, seven days a week. Literally at least once a week I’ve almost gotten hit by an e-scooter flying by me on the sidewalk.

What happened to teaching your kids common courtesy to slow down, yell from behind to give warning or even slow down when you’re coming towards pedestrians? When you walk, you don’t always walk in an exact straight line.

A few times the scooter was coming by and passing me at full speed with no warning. If I had moved two inches to my right or left, there would have a nasty accident! I give credit to some cyclists who slow down and have yelled a warning in advance that they’re coming by you.

Wake up people now and/or teach your kids common safety and courtesy before you regret it!

JL Smith


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