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Letters: E-scooters a ‘menace’ on Richmond's streets

A Richmond News reader is predicting major problems after the e-scooter rental launch in the city
Lime scooters

Dear Editor,

Re: “(Video) E-scooters now available to rent in Richmond,” Online, May 5.

I am appalled at the recent decision by the City of Richmond to allow the rental of e-scooters throughout Richmond.

While I think the e-bikes rentals are a good idea, the e-scooters are a different contraption altogether.

I see too many of these in the city, mainly riding on sidewalks taking up pesdestrian space.

They sometimes may slow down so pedestrians give way to them, or sometimes they hop off the curve and jump on to the road, causing problems on the street for vehicle drivers.

They also speed past unsuspecting manual bikes in the bike lanes since they are electric and makes no sound at all.

I’ve personally witness one rider hopping on and off the sidewalk, crossing the street in the opposite direction and doing a U-turn on a busy street like Blundell.

There’s simply no place for these reckless speeders. They are a menace to the road and should be banned or ticketed.

They can go as fast as 25 km/h and there’s even one selling on Facebook which boasts to go 90 km/h!

It’s insane the damage they can cause to others or even to the rider himself!

P. Cheung


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