Steveston pool COVID-19 case unconfirmed by City of Richmond

City defers to health authority when deciding whether to report cases in public places.

There was apparently exposure to COVID-19 at Steveston Outdoor Pool several weeks ago, but no public notification was made.

The City of Richmond wouldn’t confirm whether there was a positive COVID-19 case at the pool — they follow guidelines from Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) on whether or not to let the public know about cases in their facilities, explained city spokesperson Clay Adams.

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If VCH determines the city’s contact tracing has been adequate, that is, everyone who was possibly exposed to a case of COVID-19 has been notified, and the proper personal protective equipment was used, there isn’t any need to inform the public.

“We defer to VCH on the need and level of need for public notification,” Adams said.

There were 21 new COVID-19 cases reported in Richmond last week as well as 20 the week before.


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