Richmond city employees crack top-10 salary list

A Vancouver Sun database of top publicly paid officials shows three Richmond city employees were among the top 10 highest paid municipal and regional government employees across the province in 2018.

Suzanne Bycraft, Richmond’s manager of fleet and environmental programs, was ranked as the fourth highest paid government employee. Bycraft’s salary at $370,428, however, includes a one-time payout for banked vacation and other leave, which bumped her up for that year. This policy has been removed from the city’s salary compensation.

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In sixth and seventh place are Richmond CAO George Duncan and Tom Stewart, director of public works. Their salaries in 2018 were $358,489 and $353,836, respectively.

The top three government employees were Carol Mason, CAO of Metro Vancouver, whose salary was $458,443, TransLink’s CEO Kevin Desmond, who received $450,341 in pay in 2018 and Surrey’s city manager Vincent Lalonde $393,805.

The eighth highest paid government employee was Vancouver city manager Sadhu Johnston whose salary was $350,003 in 2018.

Sherry Elwood, superintendent of schools in Richmond in 2018, was the fifth highest paid school district employee in the province. Her salary was $236,914. The highest paid school district employee was West Vancouver’s superintendent Patrick Duncan at $281,018.


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