Richmond aims to create ‘Intelligent Operation Hub’ for emergency responses

As part of the national Smart Cities Challenge, Richmond is hoping to create an “Intelligent Operation Hub” that would use data and local services to improve emergency responses, ranging from traffic congestion to a major earthquake.

“Our rapidly-growing, island city is home to more than 220,000 residents and nationally important infrastructure and services,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a press release. “New technologies and the integration of data streams offer us huge opportunities to improve our residents’ overall quality of life, while ensuring our community and economy are resilient in the face of any level of emergency.”

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Ideally, the hub would link physical and technical platforms between all level of government and the private sector to enhance the city’s response to emergency situations. These responses would improve Richmond residents’ daily lives and would also increase the community’s resilience in the case of major events.

“The Smart Cities Challenge offers an exciting opportunity to build upon the work already completed through our award-winning Digital Strategy,” added Brodie.

“If successful we will continue to work with residents, business and other stakeholders to further take advantage of the promise of emerging new technology.”

The Smart Cities Challenge is a national competition open to all communities that encourages them to improve their residents’ lives through innovation, data and technology. Richmond hopes to win a prize of $10 million. If successful, the funds will build upon technology the city already uses through its digital strategy.

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