Elderly driver crashes into Richmond bank

An elderly driver smashed into a Richmond bank on Friday morning, after appearing to lose control of his car.

The man, who appeared to be about 70 years old, rammed his silver Honda Civic into the RBC office on Ackroyd Road across from PriceSmart about 10:40 a.m.

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Two windows at the bank completely caved in after the collision, exposing a safe at the bank.

Neither the driver, who was displaying a “disabled” decal in his car, nor his female passenger appeared to be injured.

A safe inside the bank is left exposed after the elderly, disabled driver appeared to lose control and smash into the RBC bank on Ackroyd Road on Friday morning - Alan Campbell

And it seemed that no one from the bank was injured either.

The driver told police at the scene that he was trying to park his vehicle when he “may have hit the wrong” pedal.

A Richmond Fire-Rescue crew and four police vehicles has the area taped off after the collision.

With increased social media presence, Richmond drivers have frequently been reported to have driven through commercial storefronts:

In 2013, this driver crashed into a 7-11 at No.3 and Blundell

In 2015, a driver hit a Rietman's at Ironwood Plaza

In 2016, a Chinese cafe was damaged by this Toyota

Also in 2016, a vehicle was launched into a pet food supply store

In March of this year a Porsche entered Thai House Restaurant

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