China’s ‘most wanted’ linked with Richmond addresses

Three of the 22 corruption suspects, from China’s recently-published “most wanted” list, have Richmond addresses.

China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) released the list last week.

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CCDI stated the list was released to encourage return of the suspects to China, as they have, according to online translations, damaged the integrity and reputation of overseas Chinese, as well as the Chinese government.

CCDI appears to take aim at investor immigrant programs, such as the one that continues to operate in Quebec (whereby investors are nevertheless free to immediately move to B.C. regardless of where they invest their money in order to obtain citizenship). CCDI urges countries not to obtain economic benefits from such parties.

CCDI lists what appears to be travel document information of the “most wanted,” as well as the street the person is suspected of living on.

The most prominent Chinese national accused of corruption, with Richmond connections, is Cheng Muyang, also known as Michael Ching, former chairman of Hong Kong Jiadali Investment Co. and former manager of the Beijing subsidiary of Beifang International Advertisement Company.

Ching is accused of embezzlement and concealment of illegal gains.

“Cheng Muyang acted in collusion with public officials in Hebei Province to jointly take into their possession large amounts of public funds by way of hyping up land prices and falsifying land transfer compensations. Cheng Muyang also transferred large amounts of funds into his own account with clear awareness that these funds were illegal gains,” stated CCDI.

Ching is the CEO of Mo Yeung Enterprises Ltd., the company developing Richmond’s International Trade Centre near the River Rock Casino Resort on Bridgeport Road. Ching also developed two towers on Lansdowne Road (the Spa Versante complex) and owns Collection 45 Properties Ltd. He was also a partner with Intracorp in the River Park Place development in the Oval Village area.

He has donated money to the Richmond Community Coalition, Mayor Malcolm Brodie, the federal Liberals, federal Conservatives and BC Liberals.

Ching is not yet a Canadian citizen and awaits a new hearing at the Immigration and Refugee Board, for refugee status.

He has previously denied all allegations.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bin is suspected of living on Ackroyd Road, after coming to Canada on Jan. 21, 2011. Xiao was a general manager at Qiqihar Credit Guarantee Co. of Heilongjiang Province. He is suspected of embezzlement after allegedly possessing “large amounts of funds of the company.”

Li Wenge, suspected of living on Barnard Drive, came to Canada on Aug.29, 2013. He is the former vice-chairman of Trade Union of the State Taxation Bureau, of Panlong District of Kunming City, and suspected of contract and fundraising fraud.

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