Catalytic converter thefts spike again in Richmond

Another spike in catalytic converter thefts has Richmond RCMP warning the public to keep their eyes peeled.

The police first told people to be aware of the thefts from the underside of vehicles in August.

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Now the thefts from the exhaust systems are on the rise again, with eight reported incidents between Nov. 24 and 30.

The converter contains precious metals – which the thieves sell on - and can cost several thousands of dollars to replace.

Police are warning the community to be on alert for any suspicious activity underneath parked vehicles.

Suspects may be using a powered saw or torch to remove the catalytic converters and sparks or flames may be present as thieves use tools to remove the equipment.

Pickup trucks from domestic manufacturers are often the targets of these thefts, however, police have started to see Hondas (Element, CRV, and Odyssey), Acuras (1.7EL), and Toyotas (RAV4) also being hit.

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