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9/11 first responders honoured by motorcycle ride from Richmond to Peace Arch border crossing

Lieutenant William (Billy) Moore is a member of the New York Fire Department Battalion 57 in Brooklyn that was on duty Sept. 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center towers were destroyed. Its burned in my memory, recalled Moore of that fateful day.

SeniorsKnow a lot more than you think

Current affairs program stimulates residents, gets them talking

Mayor: Ditching RCMP is a last resort

The City of Richmond would abandon the RCMP in favour of a provincial or municipal police force - but only as a last resort.

Budget bucks car sales' downward trend

While many dealerships struggle, Richmond team increases business

Earthquake causes Richmond building to shake; 12th floor resident hears walls cracking

Reports are coming in of buildings swaying and swimming pools spilling water in Richmond following a 6.4 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Steveston to be covered, protected by heritage blanket

A plan to blanket large parts of Steveston with a heritage tag has been hatched to better market the fishing village to tourists.

Sculptures to be auctioned internationally; Little local interest in Richmond public art

An international auction house has been engaged to sell the sculptures that were part of the controversial Vancouver Biennale because there hasn't been huge interest in the works among Metro Vancouver buyers.

Street racing teens could lose luxury cars

Five of the 13 young drivers who had their high-end vehicles seized after hitting speeds up to 200 kilometres on Highway 99 could lose their cars. All 13 cars were supposed to be released Thursday after being in an impound lot for seven days.

Tears shed after Longest Game

Forty female hockey players beat the Guinness World Record Monday for playing the longest hockey game ever, but said the biggest reward was raising awareness and more than $125,000 for cystic fibrosis.

Firefighter douses grass fire in Steveson

A grass fire broke out along the dyke in Steveston, just south of Phoenix pond, around 3:10 p.m. Friday. It took a while for firefighters to gain access to the boardwalk, but once through, it was safely extinguished.