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Honing in on home

Affordable housing is a relative term for many in the realm of real estate.

Richmond teacher fundraises, bonds through food

Some of Dora Hos most distinct memories with her mother were in the kitchen. Standing on a chair, she would help as her mother tried out a new recipe idea. Its one of my most precious memories, said the culinary arts instructor at McNair secondary.
Carving a slice of heaven, one chip at a time

Carving a slice of heaven, one chip at a time

Tom Parkes spends much of his life in a dark garage. What he does in there will go on show this weekend
BBQ was a Triumph for all

BBQ was a Triumph for all

When you get invited to a BBQ, you normally take along for the host a few burgers, some buns, maybe a couple of steaks if youre feeling generous.

Teen idols visit Aberdeen Centre

Five major singers and teen idols from Taiwan and China visited Aberdeen Centre last week for Fairchild Radio's 20th anniversary special, Global Chinese Golden Chart North American concert. The concert took place last Friday night.

Climbing the walls a good thing

From climbing to coaching, there's plenty to choose

The Pulse We've got our finger on it

RUBEN'S SHOES Send your pictures to with ThePulse in the subject line. For more photo galleries, visit

Budding builders get some hands-on experience

If you have a serious and creative young Lego fan at home, the City of Richmond is offering what could just be some building blocks to a future career.

Camp caters to all learning types

Eureka tailors programs for kids with ADHD, autism

Develop empathy with animals

Sign up for summer camp at the Richmond branch of the BCSPCA and you'll get to spend your days immersed in the world of animals.