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Street racing teens could lose luxury cars

Five of the 13 young drivers who had their high-end vehicles seized after hitting speeds up to 200 kilometres on Highway 99 could lose their cars. All 13 cars were supposed to be released Thursday after being in an impound lot for seven days.

Tears shed after Longest Game

Forty female hockey players beat the Guinness World Record Monday for playing the longest hockey game ever, but said the biggest reward was raising awareness and more than $125,000 for cystic fibrosis.

Firefighter douses grass fire in Steveson

A grass fire broke out along the dyke in Steveston, just south of Phoenix pond, around 3:10 p.m. Friday. It took a while for firefighters to gain access to the boardwalk, but once through, it was safely extinguished.

Shrek-slippered hero wakes up burning complex

It was a little after 4 a.m. when the insistent ringing of a fire alarm roused the sleeping community at Steveston's Dockside Village last week.

Richmond residents ready to rappel down skyscraper

Two Richmond residents are preparing to rappel 200 feet down a skyscraper for a children's charity.

Police probe suspicious fires in Richmond apartment buildings; gasoline used to start blazes

Richmond RCMP is investigating four suspicious fires in apartment buildings that have rendered several families homeless. The fires started at different locations throughout Richmond, but are believed to be connected due to similarities.

Nowhere for Richmond voters to hide on Election Day

Richmond voters will have expanded voting opportunities and greater access to voter and candidate information in this November's general local and school board elections.

Richmond man wakes neighbours as complex burns

It was a little after four a.m. when the insistent ringing of a fire alarm roused the sleeping community at Dockside Village last week.

Richmondites learn how to cope with dementia

Friends and family members of dementia sufferers can find instruction and solace in a series of workshops organized by the Alzheimer Society of B.C. scheduled for the next four Tuesday afternoons.

Steveston set to be covered by heritage blanket

A plan to blanket large parts of Steveston with a heritage tag has been hatched to better market the fishing village to tourists.