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Massive drug lab busted in Richmond

Five people have been arrested after cops uncovered a massive synthetic drug lab in suburban Richmond.

Murder rates down in Richmond and B.C.

Homicide rates in B.C. plummeted last year to their lowest level since statistics started being recorded, helping send Canada's murder rate to its lowest point since the mid-1960s. At 1.8 per 100,000 residents, B.C.

Many boomers opt to keep working beyond age 65; Richmond accountant plans to scale back his hours, devote more time to hobbies

Peter Kozak is a chartered accountant, but he's also a car buff, boater, cyclist and occasional guitar player. The active 63-year-old Richmondite will devote more time to these and other passions when he retires.

Film Fest tours Urkontinent

The German word Urkontinent, coined back in 1929 by geophysicist Alfred Wegener, meant "one single large continent.

Wood-frame Richmond developer heeds fire chief's advice

The developer of the six-storey, wood-frame building in Richmond that burned to the ground in a massive fire in May says he will implement the fire safety recommendations put forth by Surrey's fire chief when he rebuilds the project.

Tips for helping teens stay safe on the road

School is out and now your teenager wants to hit the road - in your car. In 2010, more than 49,000 teens got their first B.C. driver's licence, according to an ICBC press release.

13 per cent fewer sun hours reported

Frank Mirecki bounds up a set of stairs and on to a roof of an Environment Canada training facility in Richmond, grinning like a kid eager to show off a favourite toy.

Restaurant shut down in Richmond after cockroaches found

An invasion of cockroaches at Richmond's Golden Sea City Restaurant came to an unpleasant end during a health inspection last week. The restaurant, located at 145-8360 Granville Ave.

More raccoon attacks in Richmond raise further concern

More concerns are being raised after another vicious raccoon attack on a cat was reported on the weekend.

Workshops create sense of fantasy and magic

In Shakespeare's famous line from Hamlet, the words "mortal coil" were uttered to mean the bustle or turmoil of this mortal life. For the Vancouver-based Mortal Coil Performance Society, the words have a decidedly more uplifting meaning.