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Richmond office workers scoop $1 million

Four office girlfriends have 250,000 reasons to smile after they scooped the $1 million Maxmillion bonus. The women claimed the prize this week after buying their ticket at the Chevron gas station at No. 5 and Bridgeport roads for the Dec. 23 draw.

Protest group vow to continue fight despite Richmond pipeline route change

This doesnt change a thing and well continue to fight.

Cops call for safety

A rash of collisions between cars and pedestrians has led to police calling for everyone to take greater care on or near Richmond's roads.

Foursome sharpen tools for battle

A rock song about how North Americans are lazy and spoiled has garnered local rock band, Harlot, a coveted finalist spot in Supernova's Battle of the Bands.

Shoppers hit the malls early

Customers seem to have regained some confidence lost in recent years during the economic downturn. At least that's one explanation for why they were out shopping earlier this holiday season.

New son destined to bring good luck to prophetic year

Couple not fazed by the doomsday 2012 prophecy
Guns and drugs taken off Richmond's streets; police ask public for help

Guns and drugs taken off Richmond's streets; police ask public for help

A specialized police squad has taken a haul of guns and drugs off the streets of Richmond. While targeting a local dial-a-dope cocaine operation, the Richmond RCMPs Drug Target Team raided a home in the city on Dec. 22.

Online learning a virtual success

Growing demand is a concern for teachers says union

Everyone's doin' the Zumba

Fitness dance new number one way to get fit in the New Year

Twinkle toes reporter kicks up heels for hospice

Michelle Hopkins learns cha cha with award-winning ballroom dancer George Pytlik for charity competition