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Defusing abuse victims' dark secrets

In the second part of our series on child sex abuse, the News talks to a therapist about how she helps heal the wounds inflicted by traumatic events.
Tempting Providence pays homage to Myra Bennett

Tempting Providence pays homage to Myra Bennett

She was called the Florence Nightingale of the North. To John Abelseth she was grandma.

Findlay defends Safe Streets Act

Delta-Richmond East MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay praised the federal governments new crime legislation at a Delta Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday in Ladner.

City of Richmond employee suspect in loss of $200,000

Richmond police are investigating a city employee who allegedly stole about $200,000 from the South Arm Community Association during the past five years.

B.C. property assessments skyrocket in Richmond, but appeals drop off

Despite skyrocketing and sometimes uneven property assessments that will mean property tax increases for some homeowners, appeals are down in key areas compared to this time last year, according to BC Assessment. With 10 days to go before the Jan.
Convicted rapper pays it forward

Convicted rapper pays it forward

Richmonds Bosco Poon, stage name B.O.Z., comes into the News, and with a firm handshake and a kind smile sits down. He looks a little like an Asian Michael Jackson.

Richmond protest group plans rally outside open house

A group protesting the proposed jet fuel plan in Richmond will hold a rally right outside the open house of the controversial plans proponents.

Richmond grow-op home seized and sold

A grow-op home has been seized and sold after its owner was convicted of cultivating marijuana in the property.

Bank endorses arts, maritime fest

Canadian Western Bank becomes presenting sponsor for Arts Awards

Child sex abuse story triggers flashbacks

Before picking up her copy of the Richmond News, that Friday was just another day in the life of Margaret.