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Where to recycle your Christmas tree in Richmond

Richmond Fire Fighter's Association hosts annual tree chipping event
Garry Point Park tree chipping
Tree chipping event at Garry Point Park in 2019.

When the Christmas holiday comes to an end and the tree needs to come down, there are several ways Richmond residents can recycle their trees in the city.

The Richmond Fire Fighters Association is once again hosting their annual tree chipping event at the Garry Point Park parking lot, 12011 7th Ave, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Jan. 8 and 9.

Residents will need to take the trees out of their own vehicles due to COVID-19. If trees are strapped to the roof of vehicles, volunteers can help untie and unload.

Donations are encouraged to help the Richmond Firefighters Association’s charities.

Christmas trees can also be recycled at the Richmond Recycling Depot, 5555 Lynas Lane, starting Jan. 2, as well as at Ecowaste Industries, 15111 Williams Rd, starting Jan. 3.

Residents with curbside Green Cart collection also have the option to cut up and bundle their tree, maximum size of three feet by two feet by four inches in diameter, and place it at the curbside on their regular collection day.