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Volunteers to gather on Richmond’s streets Saturday to get Chinese-Canadians out to vote

A Richmondite is encouraging Candian newcomers to head to the voting booths on Sept. 20.
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Dozens of volunteers will gather at different parts of Richmond to encourage new immigrants to come out to vote.

Dozens of volunteers plan to gather in different parts of Richmond this Saturday to spread the message of “your vote matters” to the local Chinese-speaking community. 

Richmondite Ally Wang, the campaign organizer, said heading to the streets to remind people about the importance of voting is more powerful than sitting at home and sending texts to friends and family. 

“Just imagine if you are sitting on your couch, watching TV, and my message comes in, asking you to head to the voting booths on Sept. 20. You would probably roll your eyes and ignore it,” said Wang. 

However, heading to the streets to wave signs and engage with residents will make a difference, insisted Wang, explaining that it will help new immigrants feel they are integrating into society. 

“Some cars might honk at you, and some people will talk to you. These social interactions will give immigrants a sense of belonging that they are members of society, rather than guests,” said Wang. 

“I encourage more Chinese immigrants to join us. It’s going to be lots of fun.”

Wang has been busy recently volunteering nearly all of her time creating videos on WeChat and has launched a website (Chinese-Canadians Go To Vote), to encourage Chinese immigrants to vote. 

“Some immigrants told me that they feel isolated from mainstream society,” added Wang.

“In fact, you are isolating yourself by ignoring the Canadian election process or never getting to know different parties’ election platforms. 

“If you never participate in the democratic process or exercise your right to vote, then your voice will never get heard.” 

Volunteers will gather at the following locations on Sept. 18 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

1: Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line station

2: Yaohan Centre

3: Aberdeen Centre

4: Richmond Centre