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Video: SUV barely misses pedestrian in Richmond

The white vehicle launched through some bushes at Yaohan Centre.
Vehicle through bushes
A video circulating on social media shows a vehicle bursting through these shrubs and Yaohan Centre and narrowly avoiding hitting a pedestrian.

Update Oct. 12, 2018: Richmond RCMP say the 80-year-old driver was ticketed

Video is circulating on social media showing a white SUV hitting another vehicle, mounting the curb, bursting through some bushes and narrowly avoiding a pedestrian in Richmond.

Alan Ho, manager of the Yaohan Centre, said it happened in his mall’s parking lot at around 8:50 a.m. Thursday morning.

“I can only watch it from our CCTV,” he said. “It seems like there was a vehicle getting into the mall and making a U-turn on its way out to No 3 Road. [The driver] hit a car and then dashed into some shrubs … and ended at the parking lot.”

Billy Tsang, a Richmond resident who shared the video on Facebook, said watching it frightens him.

“As a father this really scares me, because we go to Yaohan quite often,” he said.

He added that reckless driving is “becoming a regularity” in Richmond, and hopes city council takes steps to address the issue.

Later on Thursday, more video emerged that appears to be leaked security footage from the mall. It shows the SUV hitting a grey vehicle before going through the bushes.

Ho, the mall manager, is just glad that nobody was badly hurt.

“It was lucky because it was early in the morning,” he said.

Moving forward, he has a message for drivers coming into the Yaohan parking lot:

“Just be careful.”