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Taiwanese Canadian Culture Festival moves online in 2021

Richmondite sees the virtual event as a way to expand his social circle.

Richmondites are being encouraged to join a virtual celebration with Taiwanese artists and performers in July to experience the beauty of the country’s culture. 

Different from previous celebrations that typically took place in Richmond or Vancouver, the pandemic has forced the majority of the cultural performances and art displays to move online. 

This year’s virtual celebration will feature a series of artists and performers, including Richmondite John Lin, who will be painting artwork in front of the camera at the virtual festival. 

Lin, who emigrated from Taiwan to Canada over 40 years ago, told the Richmond News that the pandemic hadn’t stopped him from creating. 

Instead, he has become more creative and this time, he will bring another 16 new paintings to online audiences. 

“I see painting as a way to fully express myself and connect with other like-minded people. After moving to Richmond in 1986, I have never had any trouble making friends. The secret of building a friendship is never being shy of sharing your artwork with others and listening to their suggestions,” said Lin. 

“Some people will pay compliments about my work when I showcase my new creation to them. I would tell them: ‘Please tell me the truth. I want to hear criticism,” laughed Lin. 

Although Lin is in his 70s, he said he would keep drawing, letting his imagination run wild and making friends. 

“With events moving online, I have a feeling that I am going to make more friends this time,” said Lin. 

Lin hopes to sell 10 paintings through the festival and will donate all proceeds to the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society.

Meanwhile, the festival will set up five virtual booths this year to introduce Taiwanese culture, biodiversity and bike tours. 

Visitors are expected to gain insights into some social issues in Taiwan, such as indigenous conservation, environmental sustainability and contemporary family structures. 

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