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Richmondites petition Starbucks to keep its Terra Nova location open

The online petition has more than 900 signatures so far.
starbucks at terra nova
Starbucks in the Terra Nova neighbourhood is slated for closure on Jan. 31.

An online petition calling on the coffee giant Starbucks to keep its Richmond’s Terra Nova Location open is gaining traction online. 

The petition asks Starbucks to reconsider its decision to shut down its location in the Terra Nova neighbourhood on Jan. 31. A staff member from the store also confirmed the decision with the Richmond News. 

“It is a heartless decision to shut down the only coffee shop in our community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s one of the few outdoor spaces available to many of us during this period of darkness,” Vicki Morell, who posted the petition on, wrote. 

“For many, it is the heart and soul of our community, whether stopping by to grab a coffee to go or more so for many retirees, families etc.,” the petition reads.  

The petition has more than 900 signatures so far, and many of the supporters said this Starbucks in their neighbourhood is more than a coffee shop – it’s also a hub for them to connect with friends. 

“Our lives will not be the same if the Starbucks is gone,” Sam Kwan wrote on 

Starbucks Canada told the Richmond News on Friday that Terra Nova's Starbucks closure is part of the company's five-year store transformation strategy to best meet their customers where they are now, including expanding drive-through stores. 

"We also shared that we would review up to 300 stores in Canada as part of this transformation work. Some of our stores closed last fall and we expect to complete this work by the end of our second quarter," the statement reads.