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Richmondite hopes to spread luck and joy with four-leaf clover rocks

A Richmondite picked some rocks and painted four-leaf clovers on them and placed them around Garry Point Park.

If you're in need of some luck, you might keep a look out for four-leaf clovers at Garry Point park — although these clovers are not of the plant variety.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Victoria Brown, a mother of two kids, picked up some rocks, painted four-leaf clovers on them and placed the painted rocks around Garry Point Park, hoping people who passed by would discover and be delighted by them.

“(I thought it would be) nice to see those painted rocks when you walk around, especially when you weren’t expecting them,” said Brown, adding she hopes they’ll bring a smile to (and maybe some luck) to people.

This isn’t the first time Brown has created a painted rock treasure hunt. 

Before moving to Richmond from Vancouver last December, Brown and her family were active in a rock painting group. 

Brown hopes to continue her kindness-spreading initiative throughout Richmond. She can even make, hide and find painted rocks in Richmond through activities organized by the Steveston Rocks Facebook group.