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Richmond woman honoured by Dutch king

Adriana Zylmans was presented with the “Lintje” for her years of service to the Dutch community in British Columbia.

A Richmond resident has received a lofty royal recognition – from the King of the Netherlands.

At the residence of the Dutch consul general in Vancouver, Adriana Zylmans received the “Lintje” for her years of service to the Dutch community in British Columbia.

Zylmans is past-president of Je Maintiendrai, a 56-year-old association that changed its name to Dutch Network a few years ago.

According to the Dutch Network, Zylmans has been “instrumental in the preservation and growth of Je Maintiendrai” and made an impact in her roles as president and executive board member of other Dutch organisations, such as Haro Place and the Dutch Liberation Canadian Society 2020.

“It was all this work, across many organizations, that made her a successful candidate to be acknowledged by the King of The Netherlands,” said John van Rij, president of the Dutch Network.

The Zylmans family settled in Richmond after immigrating from The Netherlands and Adriana became “well known in the community for her participation during Sinterklaas celebrations.

“Even today, senior members of the association know Adriana well and always recall all the things she and her family have done for the community during her life,” added van Rij.

“Meeting Adriana at home is like walking into a Dutch museum. Her house is filled with traditional memorabilia.

“Delft’s blue, tiles with Dutch phrases, clogs and farming references, brings your emotions back to a traditional farm along the famous Dutch dikes.

“Her love for our home country is clear for all to see and there is no doubt that The Netherlands holds a special place in her heart. Her love for Holland created the force of energy and drive needed to transform our association and influence our community.”