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Letters: Farmers’ rally in Richmond for India misses the point

Richmond News reader Arvin Deas suggests that the protests in India are being funded by those at the top
Farmers in Richmond rallied in support of compatriots in their native India. File photo

Dear Editor,

Re: “Food for thought,” News, Dec. 10.

The farmer protest by a few in Richmond against an internal law, democratically passed by parliament in a foreign country, was an interesting read.

We all support farmers, but this law has been brought in to help really poor farmers who will no longer be dependent on big farmers/middlemen or officials exploiting them, which has led so many poor farmers to commit suicide every year.

In 27 of India’s 29 states, farmers support the law as they see it will provide a better future for them and their families.

Farmers need the support of companies to invest in cold storage, get better yield and price for their crops, and transport  their agricultural goods to consumers.

Presently, 40 per cent of food goes to waste because farmers have inadequate facilities. It’s the same situation in Richmond and Delta, where a few big farmers/landowners are building big mansions and opposing ALR land rules.

They use the excuse that these homes are necessary to accommodate their multi-generational families, but the real reason is big mansions are more profitable than blueberries.

The silent majority of farmers who want this bill are suffering due to well-funded protests by the vested interests of a few who cannot exploit the system anymore due to this new  bill.

This law should have been introduced in India 50 years ago.

They would have been an agriculture powerhouse by now and far fewer poor farmers would have  committed suicide every year due poverty.

Arvin Deas