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Richmond strip mall opens 10th bubble tea shop

Richmond’s newest bubble tea shop, Wahaha Tea, opens its doors amongst the highest concentration of bubble tea shops in the city
Wahaha Tea is founded by Wahaha Group, which is known for its Vitamin A&D and Calcium Soft Drink that's been popular in China, especially among children, since the 1990s. Photo submitted

A strip mall in Richmond is fast becoming a magnet for bubble tea lovers - after the 10th such cafe opened today at the location.

Wahaha Tea, a bubble tea chain founded by China-based Wahaha Group, opened its second location in Richmond today, this time at Union Square Shopping Centre, behind Canadian Tire near No. 3 and Cambie roads.

The brand deliberately picked a strip mall that has the most concentrated bubble tea shops in the city, with nine there side by side before Wahaha moved in.

Xingyue Li, manager of Wahaha Canada, told the Richmond News the proliferation of bubble tea cafes at the mall was a consideration when choosing the location.

“There is a fiercer competition here but competition also means that more people will come here for bubble tea,” said Li.

“And we are confident in our products. After testing and enhancing our products in the past year, we are ready to be part of the competition.”

Wahaha Group is most known in China for its Vitamin A&D and Calcium Soft Drink, which has been popular especially among children since the 1990s for its unique sour and sweet taste.

As a bubble tea chain founded by the group, Wahaha Tea’s unique feature is including the A&D drink in some of their bubble tea offerings, according to Li.

“Richmond is the most competitive city for bubble tea. If we can survive in Richmond, there shouldn’t be problems for us to enter other markets in the future.”

As part of their opening promotions, the new store is giving away coupons and portable insulated bottles to the first 50 customers visiting the store today and tomorrow, and the first 100 on Saturday and Sunday.