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Richmond senior slapped with a $65 parking ticket despite paying the parking fee

The company that issued the parking ticket said the ticket had been caused by "a technical glitch in their system."
parking dispute
A Richmond senior had a bad day recently - he found a parking ticket sitting on his windshield even though had paid parking fees.

Richmond News reader Sam Wang said his 82-year-old father recently had a bad day. 

On May 21, Wang’s dad went to T&T supermarket on Hollybridge Way for groceries and parked his car in the store’s designated parking lot. 

He paid at the parking meter and went into the store to do his shopping. When he came out, he noticed a parking ticket on his windshield.

“My father had registered his car with licence plate at 9:55 a.m. and the parking ticket was issued at 10:06 a.m., only 11 minutes after my dad obtained the parking receipt,” said Wang, who also showed the parking receipt and ticket to the News reporter.

“My dad felt confused and helpless, but he couldn’t do anything further due to language barriers,” said Wang. 

Wang is concerned his dad might have been targeted by parking enforcement officers due to his age and possible language barriers. 

“The officer might have seen my dad coming out of his car and issued the fine assuming the elderly don’t register their cars very often.”

Wang sent a dispute email to Indigo Park - a parent company in charge of the T&T on Hollybridge Way’s parking lot - with hopes of having the ticket cancelled.

A company spokesperson told the Richmond News the ticket had been caused by “a technical glitch in their system” and had been cancelled.