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Richmond robot lovers invited to bring machine pieces to life

A Richmond not-for-profit invited robot lovers to build Lego sets, get their hands on 3D printing or use robotics kits to make their own inventions.

How do you distract Gen-Z from their non-stop watching of TikTok? 

Tony Liu, founder of RoboPlanet - a Richmond non-profit centred on problem-solving and robotics education - has a solution.

Liu is inviting kids to play around and build their very own robotic toys.

“And it works most of the time,” laughed Liu. 

Local robot lovers are being asked to attend an upcoming robotics fair at 7080 River Rd. on July 24.

Participants will be divided into three categories based on their age and will be encouraged to build Lego sets, get their hands on 3D printing or use robotics kits to make their own inventions, added Liu. 

“You can do whatever you want with these materials and resources provided by us. The event's goal is to help our next generation have a blast through the robotics invention process,” added Liu.

“Some kids left the event with a long-term interest in entering computer science, technology, engineering and math in the near future.”

Younger kids can hang out at the Lego sets area, and for students who have a solid knowledge of maths and computers, they can make simple robots to perform autonomous movements, said Liu.

“The upcoming event allows you to apply the knowledge you learned from class into reality. For example, instead of seeing machines cease working or screen messages keep popping up indicating the error, you can detect and learn from what goes wrong,” said Liu. 

The event will be held on July 24 at Unit 201 on 7080 River Rd. from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. The cost of tickets is $5 for adults and children below age five are free to enter.